Step 1: Start the quest

To begin your journey, head over to Harbor Town and look for the purple NPC and sign.


After you right click the sign you will get teleported to Justin's prison cell. When you go in you will find a frozen Soldier. Right click him to start the questline.


If you've successfully started the quest, proceed further to the sign to follow the path

Step 2: Follow the ice path


The ice path will lead you to an unknown boat. Go there and look for the warp sign to continue.

Step 3: The Forgetful Valley

The boat will take you to Hiraa's village. Go straight ahead and look for the Water Tribe Soldier.



At the end of the valley you will find a stone path. Follow it to locate the Water Tribe campsite.


Step 4: The Campsite

If you have followed the path correctly you will find yourself in the Water Tribe's campsite, that was established after the battle of Hiraa. Look around the camp to see what the Soldier's have to tell you.


After you've gathered enough information, look around the area to find the boat that will take you to the next location.


Step 5: The Earth Kingdom

This time, the boat takes you to an unknown place in the Earth Kingdom. There, you will find an old man, offering you help. Right click him first, then click the sign on the carriage to proceed.


Step 6: Misty Palms Oasis

The old man will then take you to Misty Palms Oasis. Go in and look for the purple sandbenders. They might know something about Justin's disappearance?


One of the sandbenders will you tell you that there's an abandoned town nearby. After you've met the sandbender, go back to the main entrance of the Oasis and look for the sandy path.


Step 7: The abandoned town

If you've followed the path correctly, you will find the abandoned town the sandbender was talking about. Explore around the town and look for the rebel's hideout. Perhaps Justin is somewhere close?


You will then find a locked door with a sign, telling you to find another way inside.


If you look around, you will see another sandy path, that will lead you to a carriage next to some ruins. Could this be the rebels' carriage?



Search around the ruins for a way in. You will find a tunnel going underground.


Step 8: The hideout

At the end of the tunnel, you will find yourself at the rebels' hideout.


Congratulations! You have successfully finished the quest!


Thank you for checking out the Prison Break Quest Tutorial! I hope that you had fun solving our first ever questline! If you have any questions, feel free to ask under this threat or contact a staff member in game or on our Discord server. Thanks for playing!

- Water Chief Cotras 🌊