Hullo all, I’ve decided to take some skin requests over the next little bit, I won’t be charging anyone, although donations are welcomed, if you wish to request a skin, please fill out the following form and either post in as a reply on this thread, or send it to me directly on discord (stickyhon#5642) and we can further discuss what you want to do for the skin, I am willing to make sets of skins (Example: A casual, combat, and formal style, or etcetera) I can also make edits to existing skins, you may also request to see previous skins that I have made through discord.

I do ask that the requests are kept server related, and they will be done in a style that makes sense for the server (I.E. I won’t be doing crazy modern clothes, they will be in a style that matches with said nation) and of course, I also ask that requests be kept appropriate for the server in general.

Discord and Username:
Nation and Bending Art:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Tone:
3 or 4 pixel arms?:
2x2 or 1x2 eyes?:
Reference Picture (This is optional, and only if you wish for me to base it off of existing art, an OC, or outfits that were shown in ATLA/ALOK):