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Id card

Name (ign/rp name): [IGM Vintage_Japes] RP name: Zai Soshehn
Age: 22
Nation: Fire
North Chung-Ling
Current residence: Anywhere
Parents: Biological: Somewhere Adoptive: Jun Soshehn, Xai Soshehn
Pets: None
Siblings: Biological: Unknown Adoptive: Too many to list
Profession: Traveler

Personality and traits

personality: Quiet, Uses humor to get out of awkward social situations or avoid a question, always seems to be happy. She has a kind heart, but wont people in.

strength(s): she has Emotional control, she is outwardly optimistic, stoic, and loyal
weakness(es): Walls on walls, she doesn't trust people, will avoid personal conversions, blunt, and gets nervous in stormy weather.

Appearance: She has fair skin, silky black hair, and two different eye colors. One is light brown, while the other is green.

Spoiler: HistoryShow