RP: Digatsu
Nicknames: Digi & Gatsu
Age: 24

Nation: Air

Hometown: Lost Lion Turtle Village--{See Backstory}

Current Residence: N/A=Traveling the world

Family: All inhabitants of the Lost Lion Turtle Village.. (Master Gau=Father Figure)

Pets: Nashi(Sky Bison) Suika(Winged lemur)

Profession(Before leaving hometown): Keeper of History, Architect, Bison Breeder

Current Profession: Wanderer, who gives aid to anyone needing it in his path.

Favorite Food: Fruit Pies

|Personality, Appearance & Traits|

Digatsu is a kind young man who values traditional Air Nomad culture and beliefs. He respects everyone and is calm and collected in stressful situations. Though he is true to his teachings, strictly non-violent, he will display his abilities to protect those in need and fend off attackers. At first look he may seem overly serious but don't let this fool you, for he is known for his pranks and tricks. He will never refuse a game of pai sho and is a big fan of green tea.

Digatsu has piercing blue eyes and is quite physically fit. His Airbender tattoos are of the ancient style. He wears the traditional garb of the Air nomads. In combat and training he is known to remove his tunic to move more freely. On special occasions he can be seen wearing an old medallion that has been passed down from master to student for generations.

Airbending - Highly Skilled
Strategy - Highly Skilled
Knowledge of History - Highly Skilled
Knowledge of Construction - Highly Skilled
Spiritual Projection - Moderately Skilled
Tricks & Pranks - Moderately Skilled
Baking - Slightly Skilled

Willingness to fight is very low, it is a last resort
Suffers from Claustrophobia
Playing the Dungchen
Distrustful of the Fire Nation but sees hope with the new leadership


The beginning...

It is said that long ago the great lion turtles were hunted to near extinction until only one remained. It is a well kept secret that another, the Air Lion Turtle, lives today. When the hunting began the Council of Elders selected a group comprised of Nomads and Acolytes from each of the four great air temples to inhabit the Great Lion Turtle's back and protect it by covering him in the mist and clouds of the southern mountain range. The Nomads adopted the ancient Air Nomad ways and forbid that anyone leave the Lion Turtle's back. The knowledge was kept with the groups assigned and the original Council of Elders. Many generations were to serve protecting the great Lion Turtle as it once protected the first Nomads.


When rumor of the Air Nation Genocide came to the Lion Turtle Village. The Nomads and the Great Lion Turtle decided the best course of action would be to recede further into the mist and hide so that the culture and knowledge of the Air Nomads could be preserved......

Near the end of the war a boy named Digatsu was born. He was assigned to be a student of Master Gau, the elder of the village. Digatsu learned the ways of the Air Nomads and excelled air bending. It was custom for all young in the village to learn to play the Dungchen. Digatsu once tried to hide in a dresser to skip his Dungchen lessen but got locked inside for hours, he has suffered from severe claustrophobia since this time. as Digatsu aged he took on more responsibilities.. He learned to breed and tame Sky Bison, To construct buildings in the style of the Air Nomads, and he became the keeper of the ancient teachings of the culture. Some years after the war ended Master Gao, his council, and the Great Lion Turtle decided it was time to return from hiding away so far in the mist and clouds. Gao entrusted a special job to his student; To be an emissary and to explore the world in search of the remnants of the Nomads who were not as fortunate. He was explicitly ordered not to Divulge the location of the Great Lion Turtle and to keep where he had come from a secret.


In his travels Digatsu has discovered that there are still members of the Air Nation active, but they lack many Important tomes and scrolls that contain the ancient teachings of their culture due to their destruction during the war. Digatsu plans to continue his travels and make many friends along the way.


1. Digatsu hopes to one day build a new Air Temple of his design where he can share the lost knowledge that he grew up learning on the Lion Turtle's Back.

2. Digatsu has heard that there is an Air Council that has formed and he hopes to one day be a part of it.

3. Achieve Weightlessness