Staff Entry Applications are NOW open!

By Seb Fire LordStaff - Posted Nov 23, 17

Hello everyone!

We have opened Staff entry applications and we will keep them open for a few days! If you are interested in becoming a Staff member, feel free to apply! Keep in mind that we have only a few spots open, so we will only pick the best applicants. If you aren't chosen this time, don't be de-motivated to re-apply another time, though!

What about the Helper application?
We still have Helper as a rank, but now we allow people to choose what rank they'd like to apply for. Ofcourse, you can still select Helper.

Ok cool, but how do I apply now?

Click on this link: (yes I know the url still says helper application, sorry about that!) or go to more > Applications > Staff Entry Application. 

Make sure to put as much effort as you can in the Application! Rushed applications will have a very small chance to be considered as a new Staff member.

Good luck!

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