New Voting System!

By Cotras20 Water ChiefHawkArtist - Posted Apr 3, 18

Hey everyone!

As most of you today have noticed, we implemented voting on the server today! This also caused a small surge of new players, so here's a warm welcome to all them! Of course we wouldn't expect you all to vote for Rokucraft without getting something in return...

 As of today, you can now get one Trading Cards Boosterpack by voting on at least 6 sites per day. Our first boosterpack theme is "The Last Airbender". We've added 169 brand new trading cards for you to collect, all of them divided in 5 different rarities! (Common, Rare, Very Rare, Epic and Legendary) Can you collect them all?

To vote for the server, simply do /vote and a voting GUI will pop up. Every vote will also grant you 1 voting point, that will be usable in the near future!

Happy collecting!

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