Farming update!

By DeJakob Earth KingEngineerStaff - Posted Apr 7, 18

We are very happy to announce our new Farming Update!

We've worked very hard to create a new way to enjoy the server!

As of now mobs will drop a new item called "Unidentified Seed". Bring this seed to the Seed Identifier at the Farmer's Corner next to Mining Village to identify your seeds.

Players will be able to RENT farming plots and use this piece of land to plant the seeds they find in combat.
Some common seeds will also be for sale so you can always keep your fields filled. These will however only bring you a small profit.
Once your seeds have grown into beautiful crops you can harvest them and sell them in the little farmer's shop. Every crop can be found in 3 quality grades. These grades are random and affect the worth of the crop.

Seeds will change with every season so make sure you don't have seeds left when the season is ending!

Some additional rules:
It's not allowed to modify the farming plots in big ways like fx. removing the pre-build shack to create more farmland. This behaviour will result in a punishment.

Farming is only allowed on farming plots. If we catch players farming in their houses they will also get a punishment.

Any kind of exploiting using alts is strictly forbidden. Players who transfer profits between alts will get an instant ban.

Additional info: I'll be making a perhaps temporary Discord channel about farming so you can ask all the farming related questions there. This new mechanic took hours to work out and is very likely quite unbalanced. If you have well documented feedback I'd love to hear from you.

Now get your hands dirty! A farmer's life is waiting for you.

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