Prison Break | Roleplay Event and Questline

By Cotras20 Water ChiefHawkArtist - Posted May 6, 18

Hey everyone!

On the 5th of May, we held not one, but two roleplay events! The first one was a meeting between the Earth King and the Air Representative at the Western Air Temple, where players were involved in a discussion, regarding the ongoing war between the Water Nation and the Fire Nation. Things were going well and everything was at peace, until not just a few minutes after a messenger hawk arrived at the Air Temple, carrying the news that the Water Tribe was about to attack the Fire Nation prison in an attempt to rescue the Spiritual Shaman - Justin. Everyone was quick to react and picked a side to play on. A fierce battle took place at the prison and this time, the Water Tribe was prepared. They successfully breached all three gates of the prison and stormed in, looking for the Shaman's cell. When they located the cell, everyone was surprised to find out that Justin wasn't in there and a long ice path was left behind. This is where our first questline started! 

If you've missed the event - don't worry! The questline will remain open for everyone until our next event! To find out what happened to Justin, simply head over to Harbor Town and look for the purple NPC and sign. You can also check out the Quest Tutorial on the forums here

On a side note, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the event! We hit a record of total 40 players online!

We sincerely hope that you had fun at the event and that you enjoyed doing our questline! Keep an eye out for the continuation of the story! 

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