Memorial Service for Warden Yina | Roleplay Event

By Cotras20 Water ChiefHawkArtist - Posted Jun 24, 18

Hey everyone!

On the 24th of June, we all gathered to remember the tragic loss of the Fire Nation Warden - Yina. We all witnessed the terrible things she went through, while trying to figure out Justin's evil plans. Her death was truly bizarre and that's why all of the nations are looking for the Rebel Leader, so he can pay for his crimes once and for all. We advise everyone to be on the look out and report to their nation leader if they find any clues on his whereabouts!

A big thank you to the Air Representative, the Fire Lord and the Avatar for organizing the funeral and letting us say goodbye to Yina one last time.

May she rest in peace.

Here are some pictures from the event, in case you missed it:

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