Rokucraft's first Official Bending Tournament!

By Seb Fire LordStaff - Posted Nov 2, 18

Some of the best Avatar Moments have come from epic duels. I’m sure you will all cherish the memory of Zuko vs Azula and Aang vs Ozai, to name just two!

Rokucraft has been pushing to replicate the unique feeling dueling brings to every player for months now, and I’m very glad to say that we have decided
to start Dueling Tournaments! These tournaments will be open to every bender of every skill level, and we encourage everyone to apply, even if they aren’t as confident as others. Who knows, you could prove yourself, or if not, the adrenaline of dueling is truly something that will brighten your day! Staff won’t be participating in these tournaments however.

The tournaments will be hosted by Yahp, Teem, Tuant and Seb, and run in a normal knockout style! These duels will be one vs one, and we hope to offer one around every 2 months! Every match will be calculated by a randomizer, meaning you never know who you will face next! All the duels will be taking place in the beautiful Air Arena, which we hope will make the duels the best experience for all! Of course, these tournaments won’t be going without prizes!

First of all:
Everyone who signs up will be getting 250 yuans, just for signing up and participating! 1st place will be winning a “Bending Champion” tag in the colour of their nation, reminding all who see them of their bending prowess! They will also be able to choose ANY item worth 10-12 Euros from the store as part of their prize, or 8,000 yuans! 2nd place will be winning ANY item worth 5 Euros from the store, or 4k yuans! And 3rd place will be receiving 2.5k yuans! These prizes are unlike any seen before, and we hope they offer extremely large incentive to you all!

We will be using a google form for you to sign up, just answer the questions and you’ll have a place in the tournament! We hope for the first tournament to be on November the 10th at 10PM CEST, so please, try clear your schedule for then! You can sign up anytime from now until the 9th of November at Midnight! We very much hope that as many of you as possible will take this opportunity! Thank you!

You can find the sign up form on our Discord (in Announcements)!

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