NEW Allegiance package out on the store: The Red Lotus!

By Seb Fire LordStaff - Posted Nov 10, 18

And so the rumours were true... new evil has stepped into the world; the infamous red Lotus organization who thrives for chaos & freedom and would do anything in order to achieve that, has stepped out of the shadows. Both Dian and Akar, who were not seen for over a year (in rp) now have been revealed to be the leaders of the organisation.

You can buy the allegiance package at the store! The package includes:
- A brand new Samurai-themed Red Lotus helmet;
- The complete uniform of the Red Lotus (
notice: they are purely for cosmetic purposes and do not affect any bending);
- The Red Lotus flower symbol tag ingame that displays next to your nation symbol;
- Red Lotus tag on Discord;
- Access to a secret text & voice channel on Discord;
- 5 rare Red Lotus Banners!

Keep in mind that you have to be ingame to get the items! Buy it now at the store >> (under Allegiances) What still is planned: a base ingame & a channel ingame! :redlotus:

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