The Earth Kingdom Ball

By Tae Air Repr.EngineerArtist - Posted Mar 31, 19

"The Earth Queen has invited all nations to celebrate the Avatar's mastery over all elements by finishing her water bending training. 

The Fire Nation was also invited, after an effort from the Avatar to convince the Queen who initially refused to have them, especially after the recent events and bickering between the two nations."

The event will be held this Sunday at 9 Pm CET. Make sure to join us in the fun!


The ball has started well at the beginning, with an opening speech from Earth King Jakob welcoming everybody and offering them to mingle and chat along. Shortly after, the fashion contest was held and as the judges were rating the contesters, people noticed Princess Hana's absence, and Grand Secretariat goes to look for her, only to find ashes and burns in the ladies' bathroom along with spots of blood. As soon as she got back and reported what she had seen, The Earth Kingdom, and especially the Noble Eloli, pointed fingers toward the Fire Nation, eventually blaming the Fire Nation Advisor Xaon and capturing him. With the Fire Lord's threats to the Earth Kingdom if the Advisor ever gets mistreated, an all-out-war may be eminent between the Fire and Earth nations...

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